We truly believe we have crafted a camping trailer that will provide you many years of use anywhere you care to take it. It’s ultralight too so you can tow it with a bunch of different vehicles. We also think our factory direct pricing makes our drifter   something that can fit into any budget. We think you should check us out and discover how an Elusive Trailers Drifter will make wonderful memories in the beauty of nature that is the Great Northwest and beyond.



High Quality Construction is the beginning and the end at Elusive Trailers. The Drifter manufacturing team in McMinnville OR brings new meaning to the term “over built”.

We start with a 3500 pound axle. The axle is more than adequate for a 16 foot trailer and since trailer dry weight is less than 2500 pounds; you have over 1000 pounds of carrying capacity. If you haul a lot, a 5000 pound axle is also available.

The axle is equipped with 14 inch, super sharp Aluminum Alloy Rim wheels and electric brakes. A spare tire is also provided.

Elusive’s steel frame is always right, because we build it ourselves from the ground up. We start with 2 by 4 inch tubular steel that exceeds industry standards.

The frame is then professionally welded using a full seam weld process that assures a solid lasting weld.

The rear porch is covered with steel grating to allow drainage and still provide good footing in all kinds of weather.

Walls are pre-assembled with high grade exterior fiberglass glued to the frame, then pressed for 24 hours to ensure proper adhesive setup and curing.

The roof is a single piece of heavy duty fiberglass that runs from the frame in the front to above the rear porch. You can depend on this roof to always keep you dry.

The underbelly is fully enclosed for protection. The frame is filled with 3 inches of R-13 insulation then covered with plywood and a high quality linoleum floor.

During assembly the walls and ceiling are filled with 1 1/2 inch thick High Density block foam insulation.

Tinted flush mount windows are attractive and functional.

Our retro curved exterior design provides great aerodynamics on the road and…just looks cool.